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Blue Devils Cheerleading is coached by Fran Fischer, Felicia Fischer, & Laury Kossoff. We are an All-Star squad made up of Cheerleaders from Huntley, Algonquin, Crystal Lake & Lake in The Hills. This is our second year in this area. We started out in the Wheeling area. Until 2 years ago I along with my family moved to McHenry County. I decided to Bring the Blue Devils varsity squad with me. Blue Devils Cheerleading is a non-for Profit orgonization that have some scholorships availible. Our goal is to teach children a safe and fun way to learn the skill of Competitive Cheerleading.

Reach for the stars girls!!!! You can do anything you try!!! Don't ever say I can't, say not yet!!!! You'll be there if you give your all!!!!
Cheers forever,
Fran Fischer
Blue Devils Cheerleading

For more information please contact Fran Fischer